Enhancing the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

Our Mission

Safe As Houses has access to a nine figure investment fund to meet the care sector’s rising demands. We partner and fund an evolving portfolio of dynamic partners which enables creation and funding of high quality accommodation and future-proofed environments. Each one of our developments is aimed at enhancing the lives of society’s most vulnerable individuals in the most dignified way possible.

Why We Exist

Safe as Houses Care has positioned itself as the leading provider of solutions within the sector providing the increased and enhanced infrastructure that is desperately required.

We work with a range of collaborative partners which is constantly expanding.

Our funding model enables operators to expand quickly and safely.

All projects are future-proofed for long term sustainability.

We engage with as many involved parties, as early as possible, in order to facilitate the development of services for those needing them.

The overarching aim is to create a better overall quality of life for society’s most disenfranchised members.

Who We Support

We work across all client types, including (but not limited to):

Learning Disabilities.
Mental Health.
Children’s Services.

As long as the relevant Commissioner / CQC / Ofsted support for vulnerable people is in place, SAHC will develop whatever is needed to support their needs.

How We Work

Safe as Houses Care is fully geared up to regenerate properties, build new or a mixture of both.

Each project is undertaken in partnership with our award-winning Architect partners Carless & Adams.

We also have the internal capacity to source sites, survey them, project manage and complete full development.

There is no capital outlay required from our partners on any of our sites and we can also assist with initial cash flow cushioning.

Instead we would cover all costs and then look to lease back to the Registered Providers, Care Operators or directly into Local Authorities and the NHS.

Where required we will provide the project with all fixtures and finishings as appropriate, including all agreed relevant bespoke works.

The use of renewable energy sources is at the forefront of Safe As Houses Care’s thinking and where practical we always enhance the energy efficiency of all sites to reduce running costs and carbon footprint.

We always seek to incorporate tech and automation where this is practical and offer free of charge access to Person Centred Software’s award-winning operating App (we offer to purchase all hardware for the project and will pay for the licensing costs for the first 12 months) as well as the Sounds Like Me Care personalisation app.

We will provide hard and soft landscaping upgrades to every project to further enhance both the staff and service users environment.

Our Engagement Model

Our ideal engagement scenario is to organise a Workshop with all relevant parties, either at the site in question or a walk around the site then move to another location for the workshop.

The key aim

The key aim of the Workshop is to encourage debate and dialogue at the outset and get a feel for the exact needs of the Local Authority, NHS or CCG or mixture of all.

Where we differ is that we always ask the question “What would you like?”, enabling the relevant parties to ensure they are getting the exact project in their area that would fulfil current demand as well as being future proofed.

Relevant Support

When we talk about the relevant support needed to move forward with a project we are principally referring to commissioner support and rent tests (Or rents that are appropriate to the individuals care package).

Where housing benefit is being paid we always aim to be rent neutral, where the rent we propose will be no more than what housing benefit would agree to pay.

Regarding commissioner support, we always look for a full written letter of support on headed paper, relating directly to the development being discussed.

Our Ultimate Objectives

We want to build a cohesive, but limited number of robust relationships with Registered Providers, Care Providers, Operators and Commissioners so that there would be a pipeline of developments, where all parties can be confident there will be suitable accommodation in place for years to come.

To continue to be the leading part of the solution to the problem that there is of a chronic lack of suitable future-proofed care facilities within the UK.

Our stated intention is to become the ‘go to’ solution provider for all target audiences – and positive influencers within the care sector.

We are truly and fully committed to enhancing the lives of society’s most vulnerable individuals.

Typical New Development Case Study: The Limes


Self Contained 1 Bed Apartments
Apartment for communal and staff use
BusBus links close by
Video intercom system
Person Centred Software


The Limes is a typical new development in the Nelson area of Lancashire. It comprises of 8 Self Contained 1 Bedroom Apartments which includes 1 Apartment for communal and staff use. Each property contains a video intercom system as well as Person Centred Software, a unique care monitoring system.

Like all Safe As Houses projects Commissioner support was obtained prior to commencing the project. The Limes is a new build block of flats set back from the main road on a private residents lane. Local bus services are excellent and it is easy for family and friends to visit even if they do not possess their own car. There are views over green space at the front of the property to hills in the distance.

The residential block is set over three levels, providing provision for Physical and Learning Disabilities. The three apartments on ground level will be for physical disabilities, with the remaining apartments being utilised for learning disabilities and staff/communal use.

The Limes will be managed by Inclusion Community Housing, with Alternative Futures Group acting as the Care Provider.



“We are delighted to be working in close collaboration with some of the most progressive and innovative care support brands in the UK”

David Ritchie, Executive Chairman
Safe as Houses Care


JWF Building Solutions Ltd was established in 2007 by Neil French having arrived back in the UK from living in Australia. Located in Staffordshire and operating throughout the UK, JWF has developed long-standing strategic relationships with suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers.

Originally established to cater to residential building clients, JWF experienced steady and sustained growth with both residential and commercial projects. In 2013 JWF Commercial Solutions Ltd was established to specially cater to the commercial sector, gaining particular growth and experience in the assisted living arena, while JWF Building Solutions continues to create bespoke solutions for its dedicated residential clientele, with both companies having the unique benefit of a sister company, Tall Poppies Interior Design, to design, source and supply the interior products and finishes.

Both JWF Building Solutions and JWF Commercial Solutions are CHAS Accredited (The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, is the Foremost Authority on UK compliance, Risk Mitigation and Supply Chain Management), a member of the Federation of Master Builders and partnered with Local Authority Building Control (LABC). LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales.

More info: jwfbuildingsolutions.co.uk

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ND Landscape Architects

NDLA are extremely skilled and experienced in the production of high-quality landscape design for residential and care properties.

Their involvement starts with initial site surveys, feasibility studies and as a business, NDLA always look to integrate natural features into the design of a project. This approach preserves natural features but also helps us meet our environmental targets.

Studies repeatedly show that time spent within nature demonstrates clear benefits for residents as well as staff. Because of this, it is important to have well designed garden space to bring that benefit to those who will be the end user of Safe as Houses Care Developments.

Working with NDLA gives us the added benefit to call on experience from its directors who among them are a Trustee of the Landscape Institute, acting delegate to the International Federation of Landscape Architects and member of the Board of Directors for the Woodland Trust’s Tree Charter.

NDLA are Safe as Houses Care’s preferred Landscape Architects and will be involved in all relevant care development projects.

More info: ndla.co.uk

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‘A Good Day’ Boxes

The service provides activities, items that create topics of conversation and visual imagery, packaged in a box and delivered to those who need it.

These boxes can be great tools to divert from stressful situations, have a positive impact on those that receive the boxes and are particularly beneficial to those that are living with dementia.

This is a product that Safe as Houses Care are proud to be involved with and promote through our collaborative process.

More info: agoodday.org.uk

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Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software is the care sector’s most widely used care system. Active in 1,600 homes and covering over 45,000 residents, this mobile care monitoring system gives an intelligent solution to how care is reordered within the UK.

One of the main core benefits of Person Centred Software is that it allows the provision of more care time, as notes are taken digitally at the point of delivery. Research has proven that on average this saves three days of staff time, per carer, per month. It also benefits care providers with the 40% increase in staff retention.

Safe as Houses Care offers Person Centred Software with each one of their development projects. The care property will be provided with all relevant hardware and a subscription for one year.

Supporting CQC (including the new technology KLOEs) and Care Inspectorate inspections, Person Centred Software helps providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care.
With benefits to staff, residents, families and now shaping how care is measured by regulators Safe as Houses Care are proud to include Person Centred Software as standard within all of our projects.

More info: personcentredsoftware.com

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Sounds Like Me Care

Sounds Like Me Care are actively looking to incorporate their technology into the care sector.

They are working with a number of care tech companies in order to facilitate the best use of their unique, non-invasive system of helping to profile someone’s personality through a simple test of musical preference.

This enables the care provider to better understand the needs and desires of the service user in question. SLM Care’s ultimate aim is to work seamlessly across home technology and care monitoring systems, to further enhance the quality of life experienced by service user

More info: www.soundslikeme.co.uk

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